Continuum descriptions and continuum WAR analysis

A study of the water molecule continuum and your humanoid subset existence within the continuum. Do you live in the EM continuum? What is your continuum indenitity? Ask Q at county road Q.

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The brain HEX Schmitt inverter circuit explains the human body water molecule THOUGHT circuit WARS

RD-blog-5114 by Herb Zinser  reviews the databases of several of Nature's created  signaling EVENTS .....  that provide a data outline of the human body and its THOUGHT circuits  .... that are based  on the water molecule.

Briefly, President NIXON's staff ..  in year 1972 made the  Watergat…

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Military MESSAGES from the water molecule continuum

Rd-blog-number-4376 by Herb Zinser   reviews  human activities that are subset expressions embedded within Nature's water molecule expression system .. the water molecule continuum.

For example, Janet Reno had a LEGAL perception problem about Sartre existentialism and Henry David Thoreau's " Wald…

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The Watertown, Massachusetts molecular signal about the SCIENCE WARS

Rd-blog-number-4214 by Herb Zinser reviews the water molecule continuum WAR  to recapture  control of EARTH civilizations.

A  major water molecule WAR  message  was the Boston Marathon bombing.


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The IRON motor vehicle and hydrocarbon 93 octane gasoline continuum WAR in 1993 at the World Trade Center.

RD-blog-number-4369 by Herb Zinser reviews news articles that provide CLUES to the SCIENCE WARS actualization  ... actual displays of conflict VIA  physical reality events   VERSUS  written word debates.


Written word debates among those NOT connected to   the variety of expressions that con…

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The copper and iron metal continuum

RD-blog-number-3916 by Herb Zinser reviews Nature's signals  that describes the copper and iron continuum and its expression system using human display devices and their companies and institutions.


The periodic atomic table elements of interest are copper atom  and the ferrous oxide IRON atom.…

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The water molecule continuum and water molecule homing instinct experiments with UW, Madison, Wisconsin

RD-blog-number-3694 by Herb Zinser


Let's look at Madison, Wisconsin and the exotic human experiments done  in Madison  ... home of the University of Wisconsin.

We are interested in Nature's evolution of the water molecule  .... as explained by the  molecular display  signals of    EARTH LAB …

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